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The Orbis Academy for Organizational Effectiveness is our digital learning platform for business and nonprofit leaders who want to determine a clear path forward, strengthen teams, and better communicate with stakeholders. With changing work environments, we designed online tools for business planning and strategic planning, team building, and marketing and communication. We offer digital courses with guides and worksheets that can be used in a group or self-paced format.

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    Bring focus to your organization or plan for growth through STRATEGIC PLANNING.

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    Enhance CORPORATE CULTURE and boost productivity by building effective teams.


    Engage with stakeholders through better COMMUNICATION & targeted MARKETING strategies.

NEW! The Executive Collective

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An exclusive experience for executives in a new leadership role & organizations in growth mode, with emphasis on practical skills for communicating with colleagues and customers & resource management. Through a combination of in-person workshops, virtual meetings, online discussion forums, and executive coaching, members exponentially expand their professional network & leadership skills.
Orbis consultants Colby Oschner,  Annie Wood, LeAnn Smith & Lisa Johnson

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We are strategy and leadership consultants guiding businesses and nonprofits. Our work is grounded by a deep sense of community pride, appreciation for history, and a desire to build strong businesses that have positive and enduring impact.

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