What you'll learn

  • Identify personal & professional values

    What are ideal personal & organizational values

  • Organizing your values

    How to use defined values to problem solve

  • Sharing value insights

    Celebrating discovered values to create a journey map

Discover your foundation for motivation

Forge ahead!

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Values Expedition: How to Navigate this Course

    • Values: Course Outline

  • 02

    Welcome Module

  • 03

    Module 1~ Engaging with Values: Identify Personal and Professional Values

    • Lesson 1. Engaging with Values: Milestones

    • Lesson 2. Engaging with Values: Ideal Organization Values

    • Lesson 3. Engaging with Values: Personal Values Reflection

    • Lesson 4. Exercise

  • 04

    Module 2~Exploring Values: Experts Share Insights

    • Exploring Values: Introduction & Milestones

    • Lesson 1. Exploring Values: Impact Research

    • Lesson 2. Exploring Values: Impact Application

    • Lesson 4. Exploring Values: Reflections

  • 05

    Module 3~Explaining Values: Define and Express Your Values

    • Lesson 1. Explaining Values: Milestones

    • Lesson 2. Explaining Values: How Organizations Can Express Values to Stakeholders

    • Lession 3. Explaining Values: Reflection

  • 06

    Module 4~Elaborating on Values: Organize Values for Problem Solving

    • Lesson 1. Elaborating on Values: Milestones

    • Lesson 2. Elaborating on Values: Creating a Values Journey Map

    • Lesson 3. Elaborating on Values: Create a Video

    • Lesson 4. Elaborating on Values: Reflection

  • 07

    Module 5~Evaluating Values: Share Your Insights

    • Lesson 1. Evaluating Values: Milestones

    • Lesson 2. Evaluating Values: Growth Gauge

  • 08

    Celebration Module: Values After Party

    • Values After Party: Milestones

    • Values After Party: Congratulations Gift!!!


Instructor Bio:

Lisa Johnson, MOL CEO/Founder Business Strategy, Economic Development Lisa is an enterprising idea person who likes to share with others to help in their business and personal success. She holds a Master of Organizational Leadership from Colorado Christian University, B.S. in Communications from Eastern New Mexico University, and is a graduate of the Economic Development Institute. Her economic development career has spanned 20+ years and three states, with leadership roles at the county, regional and state level. Lisa is a visionary who has developed projects to transform communities and build strong companies.

Lisa Johnson, MOL


Bonus material

To provide further value, participants will receive a values checklist, values compass and a values checklist.

  • Values Checklist

    Inventory your personal & team drivers

  • Values Map

    Organize personal values into workplace themes

  • Values Guidebook

    Create a positive & productive organizational culture

Pricing options

Two payment options available for the Values Expedition course